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Round Tuits
Part I

We are not too different from Felix; from housework to homework, we like to put things off until a more convenient time (Acts 24:25). We always tell ourselves we'll get around to it someday. Unfortunately, someday never seems to come. This procrastination is part of our human nature, and it's something almost all can relate to and joke about. Several have either given or received a prank gift, a "round tuit"- a circular object that has "tuit" stamped on it - to commemorate our inability to get things done when we should or say we will. What about when we can't get spiritual things done, things which affect our soul and relationship with God? There are two major reasons we fail to get to things when we should: 1) we think we're capable enough to walk away and get back to it later; and 2) we have our priorities misaligned.

How many times have you walked into a room with a handful of things and just set everything down wherever you could find space? Maybe you put it in that precious "everything" or "junk" drawer we all seem to have. You were in a rush or you were exhausted, so you told yourself you would find a place for it later and walked away. Now, how often have you watched that one thing or that one small pile turn into a big pile? Inevitably, by the time you finally get that rare, valuable "round tuit," you start to wonder how the mess got so out of hand. A problem we could have prevented with a few minutes up front turns into a daylong project of cleaning and organizing. We often hide it under the clever name of "Spring cleaning." The problem was not initially setting the pile down; the problem was walking away.

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Ben McManus


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