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The Sin of Lying

We all know that lying is sin. But sometimes we get into situations where telling the truth might be unkind or hurtful. A little child might ask us for our opinion on something they have written or drawn or done. Do we tell the truth? Spare no feelings? Is it okay to tell "little white lies"?

What if we had to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth for an entire day? What would that day be like? There is a movie called "Liar Liar" in which a lawyer cannot tell a lie for a whole day! (Remember that lawyers are known to use anything to get an advantage.)

Once I read about a marriage counselor who had a couple in his office to discuss their marital problems. The man was neat, trim, and fairly good-looking. In contrast, the wife was messy-looking and not especially attractive. Her teeth were yellow from lack of brushing, and her face and hair needed washing. The husband complained that she was no longer appealing to him. Suddenly the woman turned to the counselor and said, "I resent what my husband said. Do you find me unattractive?" He paused and fidgeted and finally replied, "Well, whether or not you are attractive is beside the point." Then her husband responded to the counselor, "Come on now, quit hedging. I bet you agree with me." What do you think the counselor did? Should he tell her the truth and appear unkind? . . . He lied and felt bad about it.

What if we were asked a difficult question and to answer with the plain truth would devastate another person? Is it okay to lie then? NO! The Bible is very clear that lying is sin.

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Ray McManus


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