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(Part I)

In many hobbies, games, and sports, you'll hear a great deal about practice and strategy all revolved around positioning yourself for success. Even when we're studying school work or reading our Bible, we have an environment in which we concentrate better and it is specific to our needs. Some may need music playing while others need complete silence, for instance. In the sport/hobby of powerlifting, the recurring phrase for that is "a strong position." As Christians, we should have a very similar goal in our service to God: don't fall to temptation and sin. Now, examining our daily lives, do we put ourselves in a strong position to accomplish this goal, or are we routinely in a weak position and find ourselves not succeeding?

First, we must admit that success or failure in this goal is our own responsibility. God will not force us to failure (1 Cor. 10:13), and when we find ourselves in a weak position, we put ourselves there (2 Cor. 5:10). It's foolish to blame God for the trouble we place ourselves in (Pro. 19:3), and that also means it is our responsibility to put ourselves in a strong position on a daily basis. With a goal of avoiding sin, let's examine what it means to be in a weak position vs. a strong position.

To determine what exactly is a weak position for us, we need to think about the "who, what, when, and where" of our temptations. Who are we around when we're most likely to be tempted or give in to that temptation? Where are we, what are we watching, and what are we listening to when are we most likely to give in to that temptation? These are our weak positions, and although the Bible provides us numerous examples of others who put themselves in weak positions, let's examine a couple of specific weak positions we see in the Old Testament...

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Ben McManus


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