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Sin's Battlefield:
God Our Heavenly Father

Despite the changing battlefield surrounding us in our unchanged conflict with sin and temptation, God has provided the support we need to adapt to any situation. The rapidly changing technology providing access to sin at any given moment combined with the moral decaying in the institutions surrounding us may leave us feeling both alone and helpless. The pace at which people, from corporations down to communities, stopped resisting sin is astounding. Gone are the times when even if multiple "sides" could not agree on policies and ideas, there was "common decency." So, we feel small in number when the sights and sounds from people around us are more likely in promotion of sin than in decrying it. Many of these same people have replaced God with politics and movements, and as such, are searching for moral guidance from politicians more than God's word. Spoiler alert: you will not find good moral guidance in politics. The search for fulfillment and satisfaction can only be found in God, as we noted last month. However, how do we prove victorious over temptation in our daily battles in these times when things are so different than they once were? There are no explicit examples or direct commandments about how to handle lewd viral videos spreading around social media, or "music" glorifying promiscuity and depravity, because the technological mediums in which we view or listen to them were not around 2000 years ago. Fortunately, regardless of the situation and support around us, God has provided what we need to develop a mindset adaptable to any way in which temptation presents itself. This extends beyond overcoming temptations to encouraging us when it seems as if all around us are against us.

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Ben McManus


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