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A Time Such As This

Shortly into 2020 we were met with unusual circumstances in the coronavirus pandemic. We saw businesses and services around us closed and halted as we would have never expected. Sadly, such recommendations and mandates, in some cases, hit our congregations. During this time I was asked if I was still attending services. I said I was, and I was met with an unusual question worded to the extent of "how could you go to Church at a time like this?" Despite the obvious drift of our nation and its youth further from God, as well as a growing intolerance towards people who hold religious beliefs, this question was somewhat surprising. How could we be considering God and our service to Him at a time such as this?

An unfortunate reality is that for many of our congregations, the idea of social distancing is not hard to accommodate. After all, when is the last time we've seen the building full even before we were concerned about viral transmission? In one sense, having a large enough building with a small congregation bodes well for distancing, but in another sense it speaks to the state of God's Church. Is the Church following along with the world surrounding us; being less interested, less faithful, and increasingly doubtful in His existence, works, and glory?


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Ben McManus


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