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Sin's Battlefield:

God has provided the support we need as we're surrounded by a changing battlefield in our unchanged conflict with sin and temptation. We just may not have recognized it, or we may have even forgotten it. Last month, we recognized we may face uncertainty with understanding how we should approach temptation when it is greeting us in ways we have never seen before. Temptation is approaching us not only in ways unfamiliar to us, but it also seems the people and institutions around us both fully accept and promote giving into it, attempting to convince us to join them. Unfortunately, the loss of common morality based in God's Word from the people surrounding us and the rapidly changing ways in which temptation presents itself have left the Church smaller and feeling more alone than ever in this battle. However, God has supplied us with the resources we need in these changing times. Last month we discussed that we can more easily know right from wrong if we recognize the relationship God has offered to those who have been added by joining the death which Jesus died and rising in newness of spirit; God is our Heavenly Father, and we must live that relationship. God is our ever-knowing guardian who sees us at all times, and as we would with earthly parental figures, we know without written decree if our actions in a moment would please Him or disappoint Him. God has provided additional benefits that are to aid us in temptation, strife, and all aspects of life we encounter, no matter how the battlefield around us changes: namely, the perception of eternity and the Spirit's intercession on our behalf.

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Ben McManus


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