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Title Author Issue Number Month Year
Forgive MeRon Scott291March 2010
Apologia: Why Do Natural Disasters Happen?Ray McManus291March 2010
The ManTony Whiddon290February 2010
Apologia: Questions from MalawiHarry Cobb290February 2010
The FamilyTony Whiddon289January 2010
Apologia: Explain 1 Cor. 8:3Harry Cobb289January 2010
ChildrenTony Whiddon292April 2010
Apologia: Explain I Cor. 3:15Sam Dick292April 2010
What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn't LoseAllen Kirk288December 2009
Apologia: What Does It Mean To Be "Delivered Unto Satan"?Sam Dick288December 2009
Life's PurposeRay McManus287November 2009
Apologia: Can You Explain the Practice of Fasting?Harry Cobb287November 2009
The Good News in the Bad NewsErlin Trekell286October 2009
Apologia: How to Deal With Difficult People (2)Sam Dick286October 2009
How We Got Our Bible (Part I)W. S. Yarbrough293May 2010
Apologia: More Questions from MalawiHarry Cobb293May 2010
PandemicMark Carpenter285September 2009
Apologia: How to Deal With Difficult People (1)Sam Dick285September 2009
How We Got Our Bible (Part II)W. S. Yarbrough294June 2010
Apologia: How Can You Sooth Hurt Feelings?Harry Cobb294June 2010
Church Service Etiquette: AttireBen McManus284August 2009
Apologia: 'Thou shalt not kill'Paul Yoder284August 2009
Church Service Etiquette: ChildrenBen McManus & Tony Whiddon283July 2009
Church Service EtiquetteBen McManus282June 2009
Apologia: How Does God Direct Our Paths?Sam Dick282June 2009
PreachingTony Whiddon281May 2009
Apologia: Baptism QuestionHarry Cobb281May 2009
Soul Discovery - Part 3: Finding ApplicationChad Prince280April 2009
Apologia: How to Have a Christian MarriageSam Dick280April 2009
Soul Discovery - Part 2: Seeking a DefinitionChad Prince279March 2009
Apologia: What Was Paul's Struggle?Sam Dick279March 2009
Soul DiscoveryChad Prince278February 2009
Apologia: Why Do We Still Sin?Sam Dick278February 2009
Sight ProblemsRay McManus277January 2009
Apologia: Did Christ Take on Different Forms?Sam Dick277January 2009
The WomanTony Whiddon295July 2010
Apologia: Hades ExplainedHarry Cobb295July 2010
KnowledgeTony Whiddon276December 2008
Apologia: How Many Assemblies?Harry Cobb276December 2008
ForgivenessRay McManus275November 2008
Apologia: What does 'ye are gods' mean?Sam Dick275November 2008
Apologia: What does 'sanctify' mean?Harry Cobb274October 2008
Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth (Through Evaluation V)Bill Prince, Jr.274October 2008
Christ: The Hope of a World Dead in SinMike Kirby273September 2008
Apologia: What does 'baptized for the dead' mean?Harry Cobb273September 2008
How Good and How PleasantHarry Cobb272August 2008
Apologia: Explain how we are to glorify GodSam Dick272August 2008
Hope and PatienceTim Eldridge271July 2008
Apologia: Does the Holy Spirit help in understanding the Bible?Sam Dick271July 2008
Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth (Through Evaluation IV)Bill Prince, Jr.270June 2008
Apologia: Has the kingdom of Christ been established?Sam Dick270June 2008
Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth (Through Evaluation III)Bill Prince, Jr.269May 2008
Apologia: MeeknessSam Dick269May 2008
Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth (Through Evaluation II)Bill Prince, Jr.268April 2008
Apologia: Should we forgive people who don't ask for forgiveness?Harry Cobb268April 2008
Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth (Through Evaluation)Bill Prince, Jr.267March 2008
Apologia: What should we pray for?Sam Dick267March 2008
Passing the BatonBen McManus266February 2008
Apologia: Be filled with the Spirit (Part II)Sam Dick266February 2008
Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth (Through Participation III)Bill Prince, Jr.265January 2008
Apologia: Be filled with the SpiritSam Dick265January 2008
Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth (Through Participation II)Bill Prince, Jr.264December 2007
Apologia: Can you know if you have eternal life?Sam Dick264December 2007
Christian Situation Ethics?Allan Daniel263November 2007
Apologia: Dealing with sins of the mindSam Dick263November 2007
Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth (Through Participation)Bill Prince, Jr.262October 2007
Apologia: Explain 'God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble'Sam Dick262October 2007
Peter, An Ordinary ManTim Eldridge261September 2007
Apologia: Is it scriptural for Christians to meditate?Sam Dick261September 2007
Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth (Through Meditation II)Bill Prince, Jr.260August 2007
Apologia: Explain 'led by the Spirit'Sam Dick260August 2007
Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth (Through Meditation)Bill Prince, Jr.259July 2007
Apologia: Christians are not be conformed to the worldSam Dick259July 2007
Music in the ChurchHarry Cobb258June 2007
Apologia: How can you reconcile baptism for salvation with 'faith only'?Sam Dick258June 2007
Coming to the Knowledge of the Truth (Through Education)Bill Prince, Jr.257May 2007
Apologia: Does 1 Cor 7:28-29 teach divorced people have the right to remarry?Sam Dick257May 2007
Coming to the Knowledge of the TruthBill Prince, Jr.256April 2007
Apologia: The sons of God and the daughters of menSam Dick256April 2007
A Butterfly TaleAllen Kirk255March 2007
Apologia: Does the Bible say that the weather is a sign of the end?Sam Dick255March 2007
Life as a PlannerChad Prince254February 2007
Apologia: Is there ever a need to be rebaptized?Sam Dick254February 2007
Where Are the Nine?Mark Carpenter253January 2007
Apologia: How does the Gospel reveal the righteousness of God?Sam Dick253January 2007
Common DelusionsRay McManus296August 2010
Apologia: How can you condemn false doctrine without 'gendering strife'?Sam Dick296August 2010
What Has Corrupted Today's Youth? (Parents)Ben McManus252December 2006
Apologia: Is God presently revealing His wrath?Sam Dick252December 2006
What Has Corrupted Today's Youth? (Television)Ben McManus251November 2006
Apologia: Does 2 Cor. 6 say we cannot associate with unbelievers?Sam Dick251November 2006
What Has Corrupted Today's Youth? (Music)Ben McManus250October 2006
Apologia: How should Christians handle conflicts with other people?Sam Dick250October 2006
What Has Corrupted Today's Youth?Ben McManus249September 2006
Apologia: Should elders be paid?Harry Cobb249September 2006
Sunday, The Day Christians Meet for WorshipHarry Cobb248August 2006
Apologia: How do we 'seek those things which are above'?Sam Dick248August 2006
Peter's DenialChad Prince247July 2006
Apologia: Were the apostles of Jesus baptized?Harry Cobb247July 2006
Apologia: What is the goal of the Christian life?Sam Dick246June 2006
Isn't It StrangeCopied246June 2006
Apologia: Explain 'There is none good but God.'Sam Dick245May 2006
When Christ Shall ComeLoraine Howell245May 2006
Immodest ApparelBilly Dickinson244April 2006
Apologia: Explain repentance.Sam Dick244April 2006
Interview with a Christian (cont.)Mark Carpenter243March 2006
Apologia: Can one be sure that they are forgiven?Sam Dick243March 2006
Interview with a ChristianMark Carpenter242February 2006
Apologia: Are a Christian if you attend church other than at a Church of Christ?Sam Dick242February 2006
This Way and ThatPaul Yoder241January 2006
Apologia: If we are 'dead to sin', does this mean that Christians never sin?Sam Dick241January 2006
The StrangerCopied241January 2006
Jesus - The Way, The Truth, The LifeJim West240December 2005
Jesus Confronts the LegalistCopied240December 2005
Essential Elements Evidenced in Every ConversionHarry Cobb240December 2005
The Terror of Death: Causes and CuresWayne Jackson239November 2005
Set the Captives FreeChad Prince238October 2005
Can You Be Trusted?Copied238October 2005
Comparison of Katrina to the End of Time238October 2005
Specific AuthorityHarry Cobb237September 2005
Does the Holy Spirit Work Directly in the Heart?Tim Eldridge237September 2005
Generic AuthorityHarry Cobb236August 2005
Is Dancing Sinful?Johnie Scaggs, Jr.236August 2005
The PoemCopied236August 2005
A Family TraditionAllan Daniel235July 2005
InfluenceEdward Herren235July 2005
God in Our HomeChad Prince234June 2005
What Type of Pattern Are You Setting?Mark Carpenter234June 2005
The Synagogue: Its Origin, Operation, and Authority for ExistenceHarry Cobb233May 2005
Father's Love LetterCopied233May 2005
I'd Finish the GameRay McManus232April 2005
Insurance PolicyCopied232April 2005
Why We Worship as We DoDonald Thompson231March 2005
How Old Was Jacob When He Stole Esau's Birthright?Chad Prince231March 2005
A Wisdom Literature LifestyleChad Prince230February 2005
RelationshipsMark Carpenter230February 2005
Where Was Thomas?Ray McManus229January 2005
A Suggested ResolutionCopied229January 2005
ForgivenessMark Carpenter228December 2004
Choose the Good PartDeborah McManus228December 2004
Man Is Become One of UsHarry Cobb227November 2004
In Tribute to Brother Ray McManusHarry Cobb227November 2004
Home at LastBen McManus227November 2004
Faith, Hope, and CharityAlbert L. Davis226October 2004
Improper MotivesCopied226October 2004
InvitationMark Carpenter226October 2004
Belly-Button Rings and Low-Rider JeansJared Jackson225September 2004
He...Shall Be Saved; Yet So As By FireHarry Cobb225September 2004
There's MoreUnknown225September 2004
The Great SermonRay McManus224August 2004
Worry and the ChristianCopied224August 2004
A Deficit of DecencyZell Miller (copied)223July 2004
An Open DoorChad Prince223July 2004
TrustBobby D. Ramsey222June 2004
Tragedy in WoodlandRay McManus222June 2004
Controlling Our TonguesChad Prince221May 2004
A Critical Look at HomosexualityHarry Cobb221May 2004
Get Somebody ElsePaul Lawrence Dunbar221May 2004
A New and Fresh CommandmentRay McManus220April 2004
A Thought About the Passion MovieRay McManus220April 2004
From Jesus to ChristHarry Cobb219March 2004
The BibleCopied219March 2004
What a Wonderful God!Ray McManus218February 2004
I Was Glad (Psalms 122:1)Glenn S. Burk218February 2004
How God AnswersUnknown218February 2004
The Earth Abideth ForeverHarry Cobb217January 2004
The PastChad Prince217January 2004
The Twelve DisciplesRay McManus216December 2003
Columbine UpdateCopied216December 2003
How We Are to Love GodBill Prince, Jr.215November 2003
Little ThingsB. E. Riggins215November 2003
Who Will Be Lost?Copied215November 2003
The Lord's Church and Separate InstitutionsHarry Cobb214October 2003
Teaching and Admonishing Through Our SingingChad Prince214October 2003
Part of a Winning TeamRay McManus213September 2003
Things Aren't Always What They SeemCopied213September 2003
ReincarnationJoe Young212August 2003
The Female ChristianLoraine Howell212August 2003
The Third HeavenHarry Cobb211July 2003
In His ImageRay McManus210June 2003
The VisitorAdapted210June 2003
Marry a ChristianMarvin Rickett209May 2003
Bailing BucketChad Prince209May 2003
The Plan of SalvationJames McDonald208April 2003
Barometers of SpiritualityAdapted by Jack Gray208April 2003
Life Is Short!Ray McManus207March 2003
TenacityChad Prince207March 2003
Music in the ChurchHarry Cobb206February 2003
Heaven or Hell?Submitted206February 2003
Personal ResponsibilitiesRay McManus205January 2003
An Onion Is a RoseCopied205January 2003
Paul's Prayer for the EphesiansChad Prince204December 2002
Baptized for the DeadHarry Cobb204December 2002
From Babel to PentecostRay McManus203November 2002
Keep Those Gambling Dollars in Alabama! (Quit Gambling.)Copied203November 2002
Must We Comply with Everything Jesus Taught?Harry Cobb202October 2002
Things That Will Never Pass Away202October 2002
How to Live the Christian LifeAlbert L. Davis201September 2002
The Local ChurchChad Prince201September 2002
Putting Forth the EffortRay McManus200August 2002
Forbid Not to Speak with TonguesHarry Cobb200August 2002
And the Disciples Were Called ...Ray McManus199July 2002
Wisdom from Solomon199July 2002
Enriching Our Life TogetherChad Prince198June 2002
The Existence of HellJoe Young198June 2002
Where Are God's People?Harry Cobb197May 2002
You See the Brighter SidePerry Tanksley197May 2002
FreedomChad Prince196April 2002
The SonCopied196April 2002
Premillenial ImplicationsRay McManus195March 2002
Laying On of the HandsHarry Cobb195March 2002
Church UnityMike Pannell194February 2002
Citizens of HeavenJoe Young194February 2002
The Bible Says ...194February 2002
Twelve Reasons for Studying the BibleAlbert L. Davis193January 2002
Heaven's StoreSubmitted193January 2002
Was Life Fair to Jesus?Ray McManus192December 2001
One Lost SheepChad Prince192December 2001
Don't Let Me Die Until I'm DeadCopied192December 2001
No Man Can Die For Another Man's SinHarry Cobb191November 2001
Unknowingly Under the Power of SatanMike Pannell191November 2001
What Must We Do To Be Saved And Receive Eternal Life?191November 2001
Some Important Steps in Christian GrowthAlbert L. Davis190October 2001
God Blesses AmericaRay McManus190October 2001
Balance the UnbalanceBrad Prince189September 2001
Does Water Wash Away Sins?Copied189September 2001
The Earth Will Be Burned UpRobert Phillips188August 2001
Stephanas, Fortunatus, and AchaicusChad Prince188August 2001
What Would Happen?188August 2001
Suffering PersecutionsRay McManus187July 2001
Not Under BondageHarry Cobb187July 2001
Are You Making the Right Choice?Albert L. Davis186June 2001
Elders (Limits of Their Authority)Mike Pannell186June 2001
Things to ConsiderRay McManus185May 2001
Excuses (& Rebuttals)Copied185May 2001
In the Midst of a StormPeter Tanksley185May 2001
One Lost SheepChad Prince184April 2001
Does a Woman Violate God's Will When She Confesses in the Assembly?Harry Cobb184April 2001
What Are You Worried About?Mark Carpenter183March 2001
Don't Wait at the Finish LineRay McManus182February 2001
The Bible And Its InfluenceJoe Young182February 2001
Automatic SeedSteve Klein182February 2001
A New Heaven and a New EarthHarry Cobb181January 2001
Bloom Where You're PlantedSubmitted by Mike Kirby181January 2001
Apologia: Can you discuss the role of scripture in spiritual growth?Sam Dick297September 2010
You Get What You GiveBen McManus297September 2010
The Mind of ChristRay McManus180December 2000
Lots to Think AboutSelected180December 2000
The Day You Were BaptizedChad Prince180December 2000
Receiving JesusMike Pannell179November 2000
Four Great Things That Pertain to the Christian LifeAlbert L. Davis179November 2000
Job Performance EvaluationMark Carpenter178October 2000
Balcony PeopleRay McManus177September 2000
Have ToChad Prince177September 2000
My WorkUnknown177September 2000
Three HeavensJoe Young176August 2000
The WindowCopied176August 2000
Be Loyal to ChristRay McManus175July 2000
To Deliver Such an One unto SatanHarry Cobb175July 2000
Reverse the PeriscopeChad Prince174June 2000
The Devil's ConventionCopied174June 2000
Perilous TimesRay McManus173May 2000
The Savour of Death and LifeHarry Cobb173May 2000
The CrucifixionCharlie Kirby172April 2000
A Question About BaptismCopied172April 2000
Examine the Evidence to Believe the BibleJoe Young172April 2000
Home at Last!Ray McManus171March 2000
Re-DiscoveryChad Prince171March 2000
The "Man of Sin" (Part 2)Harry Cobb170February 2000
A Busy LifeChad Prince170February 2000
The "Man of Sin"Harry Cobb169January 2000
What Year Is It, Anyway?Columbia Encyclopedia169January 2000
Believe the BibleJoe Young168December 1999
The Christmas BirdsChad Prince168December 1999
What If?Copied168December 1999
Lost in the ChurchRay McManus167November 1999
Levels of LearningChad Prince167November 1999
Who Is Reading God's Word?Barna Research Group (copied)167November 1999
Is Gambling Wrong?Mark Carpenter166October 1999
Watch Out for Song LeadersSubmitted by Larry Messer166October 1999
A Description of Heaven as Seen by JohnCharlie Kirby165September 1999
Emergency Phone NumbersCopied165September 1999
The QuestionPeter Tanksley165September 1999
Abiding in the Same CallingHarry Cobb164August 1999
Religion ReportsAmerican Family Association Journal164August 1999
Bodily ExerciseRay McManus163July 1999
Knowing Is Not EnoughChad Prince163July 1999
A Face in the MirrorChad Prince162June 1999
To Love a ChildTony Whiddon162June 1999
Double Dose of CouragePerry Tanksley162June 1999
A Glimpse of HellRay McManus161May 1999
AntichristHarry Cobb161May 1999
Did God Create Evil?Harry Cobb160April 1999
Attend the MeetingsAdapted160April 1999
What Would Happen?Ray McManus160April 1999
Our Anvil, the BibleRay McManus159March 1999
The Lord's LoyaltyChad Prince159March 1999
And God Said "No"Copied159March 1999
Big RocksChad Prince158February 1999
BaptismHarry Cobb158February 1999
Influence Behavior by Personal ExampleForrest H. Kirkpatrick158February 1999
The Day Is YoursRay McManus157January 1999
Silence of the ScripturesChad Prince157January 1999
The Birth of ChristCharlie Kirby156December 1998
I Attend Worship Services156December 1998
Time and ChanceHarry Cobb155November 1998
Our Heavenly CitizenshipRay McManus154October 1998
Reaching Out to OthersChad Prince154October 1998
Seven Substitutes of False Worship154October 1998
A Living SacrificeCharlie Kirby153September 1998
The Measure of a Strong ChristianChad Prince153September 1998
Plastic Wrap and ElephantsChad Prince152August 1998
There Were MenRay McManus152August 1998
CleaveThomas Nidey151July 1998
It Works Well!Copied151July 1998
From Heaven or of MenRay McManus150June 1998
Herbs for DinnerTony Whiddon150June 1998
Following the RulesHarry Cobb149May 1998
A Mother's LoveRay McManus149May 1998
Irresistible TemptationsRay McManus148April 1998
JumpCopied148April 1998
Justifying ErrorRay McManus147March 1998
Another False Prophet?Ray McManus147March 1998
Why We Should Study the BibleCharlie Kirby146February 1998
A Look at 1 John 5:16Dana Chandler146February 1998
Waiting for GodRay McManus145January 1998
Living in LaodiceaSubmitted by Tony Whiddon145January 1998
How to PrayRay McManus298October 2010
Apologia: Should we not allow a non-member to partake in the Lord's Supper?Harry Cobb298October 2010
God's View of GossipRay McManus144December 1997
She Shall Be Saved in ChildbearingHarry Cobb144December 1997
Uncommon CourtesyTony Whiddon143November 1997
The Name God Gave UsReprinted from The Lifeline143November 1997
The Winds of PersecutionRay McManus142October 1997
Are You Habitually Late for Services?Adapted142October 1997
Know Ye Not That We Shall Judge Angels?Harry Cobb141September 1997
Think About ThisSubmitted by Michael Bishop141September 1997
Preferring One AnotherKenneth Cobb140August 1997
A Prophecy in GenesisDana Chandler140August 1997
When Time Slips AwayRay McManus139July 1997
A Picture of PeaceRay McManus139July 1997
All or NothingRay McManus138June 1997
It MattersCopied138June 1997
A Moral PerspectiveTony Whiddon137May 1997
The Lazy Man's FieldRay McManus137May 1997
What Made David GreatRay McManus136April 1997
Soil StewardshipHarry Cobb136April 1997
The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like Unto!Ricky Holland135March 1997
Do We Deny Christ?Ray McManus135March 1997
Pillars of BrassRay McManus134February 1997
They Shall Inherit the EarthHarry Cobb134February 1997
The Unpardonable SinTony Whiddon133January 1997
Bible Principles of SalvationCopied133January 1997
The Cords of the CrossRay McManus132December 1996
Have Ye Not Houses to Eat and to Drink in?Harry Cobb132December 1996
God Means It!Ray McManus131November 1996
Train Up a ChildTony Whiddon131November 1996
Keeping the PeaceDerald Walling130October 1996
The Bible: Yet It Lives!130October 1996
O Man of GodRay McManus129September 1996
Christianity Versus Military ServiceSelected129September 1996
Where Does the Time Go?129September 1996
Remember the SabbathTony Whiddon128August 1996
Talk Is CheapSelected128August 1996
Garbage In, Garbage OutRay McManus127July 1996
The Plot Against NarcissusEusebius' Ecclesiastical History (copied)127July 1996
The New AgeJames B. Terrell126June 1996
Broided and Plaited HairHarry Cobb126June 1996
Be ZealousRay McManus125May 1996
Then Shall I Know. . .Harry Cobb125May 1996
Beyond Heaven and HellTony Whiddon124April 1996
Beware of Javelins!Ray McManus124April 1996
What Is There in Hell You Want?Ricky Holland123March 1996
The Church at AlexandriaRay McManus123March 1996
What the Judgment Is:Selected123March 1996
SerendipityRay McManus122February 1996
The First Day of the WeekSelected122February 1996
The Lord Had Already CalledSelected122February 1996
Inheriting the Earth For EverHarry Cobb121January 1996
Training Our Children to Worship GodBen F. Vick, Jr. 121January 1996
The BibleTony Whiddon120December 1995
Salvation and the ChurchCopied120December 1995
Is It Worth It?Ray McManus120December 1995
Spiritual IngratitudeRay McManus119November 1995
Some Suggestions for Teaching Our Children How to WorshipBen F. Vick, Jr. (copied)119November 1995
Virtute Et Labore (By Virtue and Labor)Alex Frederick118October 1995
If A Woman Cannot Speak, Then How Can She Sing?Harry Cobb118October 1995
Identifying the AntichristRay McManus117September 1995
Which Will You Imitate? Sarah or Jezebel?Miles E. Busby117September 1995
Dare to Be DifferentTony Whiddon116August 1995
The Proper Attitude to Do God's Will116August 1995
I Was a StrangerCopied116August 1995
Upon What Must We Agree to Please God?116August 1995
Free Ticket to Heaven?Ray McManus115July 1995
R.I.P.Harry Cobb115July 1995
All This and MoreSelected115July 1995
Three Reasons Why Man Serves GodCharlie Kirby114June 1995
Point to PonderHarry Cobb114June 1995
Swearing and Taking OathsHarry Cobb113May 1995
Point to PonderHarry Cobb113May 1995
All or NothingRay McManus113May 1995
Cost of Following GodSelected113May 1995
Too YoungTony Whiddon112April 1995
Child Rights?Ray McManus112April 1995
About the Church of Christ112April 1995
The Doctrine of AstrologyRay McManus111March 1995
Like Little ChildrenRay McManus111March 1995
The Record BookUnknown111March 1995
A Second ChanceRay McManus110February 1995
Criticism Where It Really CountsHarry Cobb110February 1995
Blessed Are the PeacemakersTony Whiddon109January 1995
How to Make the Church GrowRay McManus109January 1995
Temper!Copied109January 1995
The Truth About ChristmasRay McManus108December 1994
The Cold WithinUnknown108December 1994
Seven Things That Are Certain for God's People108December 1994
Seven Things That Are Certain for Unbelievers108December 1994
A Second ChildhoodTony Whiddon107November 1994
AntichristHarry Cobb107November 1994
Seven Wonderful Things in the BibleSelected107November 1994
Two Parts to SalvationRay McManus106October 1994
Point to PonderJim Bill McInteer (submitted by Harry Cobb)106October 1994
Qualifications of an ElderCopied106October 1994
Seven Things That Are Uncertain106October 1994
The TitheHarry Cobb105September 1994
What Can I Do to Be Saved?105September 1994
Bible StudySam Dick104August 1994
Which Syndrome Do You Have?Ray McManus104August 1994
A Celebration of FreedomTony Whiddon103July 1994
Attack!Ray McManus103July 1994
Bible BashingRay McManus102June 1994
Abraham Lincoln and the ChurchN. L. Clark (copied)102June 1994
ContentmentTony Whiddon101May 1994
Because of the AngelsHarry Cobb101May 1994
Who Is On the Lord's Side?Ray McManus100April 1994
Ten Commandments for Church-GoersBenjamin F. Swartz (copied)100April 1994
Bobby's PrayerSelected100April 1994
Church Leadership and the Christian WomanHarry Cobb99March 1994
Running to EgyptRay McManus99March 1994
Observance of the Lord's SupperCopied99March 1994
The Loneliest Man Who Ever LivedTony Whiddon98February 1994
Seven Objections to Denominational "Baptism"Copied98February 1994
Ten Rules for Mental HealthSelected98February 1994
The Simplicity That Is In ChristRay McManus97January 1994
I Quit!Wilson Adams97January 1994
The Face of GodHarry Cobb299November 2010
Apologia: How do we reconcile justification by faith with the unpardonable sin?Sam Dick299November 2010
Put Enthusiasm Into It!Ray McManus96December 1993
Chocolate CakeTony Whiddon96December 1993
For Whom Do You Play?Ray McManus96December 1993
But From the Beginning It Was Not So (Part 2)Harry Cobb95November 1993
But From the Beginning It Was Not So (Part 1)Harry Cobb94October 1993
What Divides People94October 1993
Put the Man Together94October 1993
A Story of RestorationRay McManus93September 1993
Judging Ourselves Unworthy of Everlasting Life (Part 4)James McDonald93September 1993
The Lord's Church93September 1993
Tearing Down the High PlacesTony Whiddon92August 1993
Judging Ourselves Unworthy of Everlasting Life (Part 3)James McDonald92August 1993
Why I Attend Every Service of the ChurchCopied92August 1993
Looking BeyondBart Barrontine91July 1993
Judging Ourselves Unworthy of Everlasting Life (Part 2)James McDonald91July 1993
Are You In Christ or Outside?91July 1993
I Must DecreaseRay McManus90June 1993
Judging Ourselves Unworthy of Everlasting Life (Part 1)James McDonald90June 1993
The Best RevengeBobby D. Ramsey89May 1993
Report Card TimeRay McManus89May 1993
Lessons From a Snow StormRay McManus88April 1993
Borderline ChristiansB. C. Goodpasture (submitted by J. W. Moore)88April 1993
How to Kill, Embalm, and Bury Your CongregationCopied88April 1993
A Few Thought-Provoking Signs88April 1993
Christian FellowshipTony Whiddon87March 1993
Will He Find Ten Righteous People?Ray McManus87March 1993
Will We Know One Another After Death?Harry Cobb86February 1993
Whosoever Is Born of God Doth Not Commit Sin . . .John A. Clark85January 1993
Blaming It On Someone ElseRay McManus85January 1993
When a Christian SuffersRay McManus84December 1992
Searching for Christ in ChristmasRay McManus84December 1992
Does God Always Answer Our Prayers?Bobby D. Ramsey83November 1992
Selling OutTony Whiddon83November 1992
Where Would You Stand in the Sight of God?Ricky Holland82October 1992
Going HomeTony Whiddon82October 1992
Work for Christ82October 1992
Thoughts on MarriageMax A. Gaskins81September 1992
You Preach FirstCopied81September 1992
Where Do You Stand on Abortion?Tony Whiddon80August 1992
Sometimes We Never LearnRay McManus80August 1992
If Faith Alone Saves --Copied80August 1992
Personal ResponsibilitiesRay McManus79July 1992
Somebody Lied to UsReprinted from Pulpit Helps79July 1992
How Soon We ForgetTony Whiddon78June 1992
Please Use Your Bible!Ray McManus78June 1992
PerseveranceRay McManus77May 1992
Can We Understand the Bible Alike?Thomas Campbell77May 1992
Who Shall Be Saved?77May 1992
Sanity ChecksBobby D. Ramsey76April 1992
What Does It Mean...Ray McManus76April 1992
Read Your BibleSelected76April 1992
The Choice of JudasRay McManus75March 1992
Murmur Not Among YourselvesRay McManus75March 1992
Plant Happiness This Year!Unknown75March 1992
Are You Converted?Tony Whiddon74February 1992
Bible First Aid KitCopied74February 1992
A Disturbing TrendEldred Stevens74February 1992
The Restoration MovementRay McManus73January 1992
Spiritual RichesRay McManus73January 1992
Happy New Year73January 1992
The Consequences of SinTony Whiddon72December 1991
The Quest for ThingsJ. Wiley Adams72December 1991
Christ in the Bible: 1 John - RevelationRay McManus72December 1991
Some Example!Ray McManus71November 1991
Christ in the Bible: Philemon - 2 PeterRay McManus71November 1991
A Son Takes Care of His MotherMarty Livingston70October 1991
Christ in the Bible: Philippians - TitusRay McManus70October 1991
Why People Go to ChurchSelected70October 1991
Father's DayTony Whiddon69September 1991
Christ in the Bible: Romans - EphesiansRay McManus69September 1991
Show UsUnknown69September 1991
The Cross: Our Tree of LifeRay McManus68August 1991
Christ in the Bible: Matthew - ActsRay McManus68August 1991
Who Shall Be Saved Today?68August 1991
Unbaptized Boys Participating in a Leadership Role in the AssemblyHarry Cobb67July 1991
Christ in the Bible: Hosea - MalachiRay McManus67July 1991
Think It OverSelected67July 1991
Sunday School ContentionsM. E. Busby66June 1991
Christ in the Bible: Isaiah - DanielRay McManus66June 1991
The 'Loves' That KillRay McManus65May 1991
Christ in the Bible: Job - Song of SolomonRay McManus65May 1991
What Think Ye of Christ?Unknown65May 1991
The Twentieth Century. . .Satan's "Moment in the Sun"Tony Whiddon64April 1991
Christ in the Bible: Ezra - EstherRay McManus64April 1991
Wrong DirectionsRay McManus63March 1991
Christ in the Bible: 1 Samuel - 2 ChroniclesRay McManus63March 1991
The Cost of SinMarty Livingston62February 1991
Christ in the Bible: Joshua - RuthRay McManus62February 1991
Sharing Our FaithRay McManus61January 1991
Christ in the Bible: Genesis - DeuteronomyRay McManus61January 1991
Troubles61January 1991
Will a Man Rob God?Kent Dickinson300December 2010
Apologia: Does God cause confusion?Harry Cobb300December 2010
Leadership in the ChurchMax A. Gaskins60December 1990
TraditionTony Whiddon59November 1990
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus59November 1990
Christian ParentSelected59November 1990
Exposing ErrorRay McManus58October 1990
The Blood of Christ Will...Copied58October 1990
Where the Lord IsSelected58October 1990
Did God Create Evil?Harry Cobb57September 1990
It Is Hard57September 1990
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus57September 1990
OthersSelected57September 1990
What a Day!Marty Livingston56August 1990
Are You Able?Copied56August 1990
Wasting a GiftRay McManus55July 1990
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus55July 1990
A New Heaven and a New EarthHarry Cobb54June 1990
How to Spot a ChristianRay McManus54June 1990
Once Baptized, Always Saved?Ray McManus53May 1990
Seven Looks53May 1990
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Selected53May 1990
Ask for the Guide BookUnknown53May 1990
LightTony Whiddon52April 1990
Credentials Recite FactsUnknown52April 1990
A Christian View of Carnal WarfareDana Chandler51March 1990
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus51March 1990
What America NeedsCopied51March 1990
Real PreachingJ. J. Turner50February 1990
A Chapter of BeginningsRay McManus50February 1990
The Work of the ChurchRay McManus49January 1990
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Copied49January 1990
CookingRon Scott301January 2011
Apologia: Is it God's will that we work six days and have a day of rest?Harry Cobb301January 2011
Seven Old Testament Lessons on Faith301January 2011
Double StandardsTony Whiddon48December 1989
You Are Not Alone!Ray McManus48December 1989
'Twas Two Hours Before Worship...48December 1989
RichesAlex Frederick47November 1989
Trusting Without KnowingRay McManus47November 1989
Taking a Neutral StandRay McManus46October 1989
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus46October 1989
The Family in CrisisTony Whiddon45September 1989
Secret SinsRay McManus44August 1989
Bible Principles of Salvation44August 1989
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus44August 1989
CorneliusMarty Livingston43July 1989
With Our PermissionRay McManus43July 1989
Preaching New IdeasRay McManus42June 1989
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Tony Whiddon42June 1989
Because of UnbeliefRay McManus41May 1989
Proxy ReligionW. V. Beasley41May 1989
Written For Our LearningMiles E. Busby40April 1989
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus40April 1989
A Letter From TexasRobert E. Phillips39March 1989
A Reply From Bro. WhiddonTony Whiddon39March 1989
In My HandsCopied39March 1989
A Call for LaborersRay McManus38February 1989
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)David Fowler38February 1989
How Truth Causes DivisionRay McManus37January 1989
Wise Advice From a Country JudgeHarry Cobb37January 1989
The Touch of the Master's HandSelected37January 1989
Abide in ChristRay McManus36December 1988
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus36December 1988
Not Necessarily a New Law!Ray McManus35November 1988
One TalentSelected35November 1988
Where Is Our Zeal?Max A. Gaskins34October 1988
From the Scriptures: About Man's Insignificance34October 1988
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)William F. Walker34October 1988
The Lord's WorkCopied34October 1988
A History of IdolatryRay McManus33September 1988
From the Scriptures: About Obedience33September 1988
Stabbed Anyone Lately?Marty Livingston33September 1988
Which Side of the Cross Do You Live On?Tony Whiddon32August 1988
From the Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 1232August 1988
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus32August 1988
From Caterpillar to Butterfly!Ray McManus31July 1988
From the Scriptures: About Spiritual Conflict31July 1988
Common Everyday ExcusesZachary Michini31July 1988
The Word on HomosexualityRay McManus30June 1988
From the Scriptures: About Christ's Heavenly Origin30June 1988
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus30June 1988
Beware the Tempter!Ray McManus29May 1988
From the Scriptures: Some Common Delusions29May 1988
Why Be Baptized?Copied29May 1988
What Have We Learned?Ray McManus28April 1988
From the Scriptures: About Young Men28April 1988
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Marty Livingston28April 1988
Fear NotRay McManus27March 1988
From the Scriptures: About Christ's Pre-eminence27March 1988
God's Hall of FameSelected27March 1988
Clock of Life27March 1988
The Christian FightTony Whiddon26February 1988
From the Scriptures: About Murmuring Against God26February 1988
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus26February 1988
The Precious Blood of ChristRay McManus25January 1988
From the Scriptures: Paradoxes25January 1988
Till the Day DawnJohn Barris25January 1988
The Church Has a Club!Copied25January 1988
Reflections On the Year 1987Ray McManus24December 1987
From the Scriptures: Romans 1224December 1987
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus24December 1987
On RepentanceRay McManus23November 1987
From the Scriptures: About Borrowing23November 1987
Abraham Lincoln's BaptismT. W. Butterfield23November 1987
The Family of GodKenneth Cobb22October 1987
From the Scriptures: Answering from the Scriptures22October 1987
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus22October 1987
Using the Silent TreatmentRay McManus21September 1987
From the Scriptures: About Old Age21September 1987
How Readest Thou?Ray McManus21September 1987
On AbortionRay McManus20August 1987
From the Scriptures: About the Equality of Man20August 1987
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus20August 1987
Faith Only?Ray McManus19July 1987
From the Scriptures: About Unselfishness19July 1987
Just Belong?Unknown19July 1987
Where Will We Spend Eternity?Charlie Kirby18June 1987
From the Scriptures: About Backsliders18June 1987
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus18June 1987
Judge Not, That Ye Be Not JudgedHarry Cobb17May 1987
From the Scriptures: About Talebearers17May 1987
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus17May 1987
Destroyed for Lack of KnowledgeMarty Livingston16April 1987
From the Scriptures: About the Meek16April 1987
Characteristics of Christian LoveJoe Young15March 1987
From the Scriptures: Ezekiel 315March 1987
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus15March 1987
Rest in a Tired WorldMark Parkhurst14February 1987
From the Scriptures: About Religious Zeal14February 1987
The Model ChurchSelected14February 1987
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus14February 1987
The Lost BookRay McManus13January 1987
From the Scriptures: About God's Knowledge of Sin13January 1987
I Owe, I Owe, So Off to Church I GoSubmitted by Marty Livingston13January 1987
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus13January 1987
Middle East Signposts (Part 2)Harry Cobb12December 1986
From the Scriptures: About Flattery12December 1986
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus12December 1986
Middle East Signposts (Part 1)Harry Cobb11November 1986
From the Scriptures: Better Is. . .11November 1986
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus11November 1986
An Open Letter to the Church of ChristMichael R. Carr10October 1986
From the Scriptures: About the Brevity and Uncertainty of Life10October 1986
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus10October 1986
Take No ThoughtRay McManus9September 1986
From the Scriptures: About Envy9September 1986
Changing Times?Paul Cobb9September 1986
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus9September 1986
The Conversion of CrispusRay McManus8August 1986
From the Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 138August 1986
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus8August 1986
The Old Testament Covenant -- SinaiJoe Young7July 1986
From the Scriptures: About Slothfulness7July 1986
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus7July 1986
Not Far From the KingdomRay McManus6June 1986
From the Scriptures: About Employees6June 1986
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus6June 1986
FruitKenneth Cobb5May 1986
From the Scriptures: About the Earth Created by God5May 1986
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus5May 1986
How Readest Thou?Unknown5May 1986
Parable of the TalentsRay McManus4April 1986
From the Scriptures: About Bribery4April 1986
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus4April 1986
Ye Judge Yourselves Unworthy of Eternal LifeJames T. Heron3March 1986
From the Scriptures: Isaiah 53March 1986
As the Manner of Some Is (A Series to Promote Church Attendance)Ray McManus3March 1986
Christian AmbassadorsGeorge A. Harris2February 1986
From the Scriptures: About Perseverance2February 1986
Not of MenRay McManus2February 1986
Prepared to Die?Ray McManus1January 1986
From the Scriptures: Psalm 841January 1986
Back to CreationReprinted from the American Christian Review1January 1986
Sit, Discuss, and LearnHarry Cobb302February 2011
The Three "Bears"Ray McManus303March 2011
Apologia: Does Matthew 19:24 mean that it is impossible for the rich to go to heSam Dick302February 2011
United Together with ChristMike Pannell302February 2011
Apologia: Can you explain the phrase "the righteousness of God"?Sam Dick303March 2011
The Christian and Secular PowersHarry Cobb304April 2011
Count the CostMike Pannell304April 2011
LoveBen McManus305May 2011
A Recipe for Communion BreadRecipe by Tammy Frederick305May 2011
A Christ-Centered LifeKent Dickinson306June 2011
Apologia: Will the body be resurrected when the Lord returns?Sam Dick306June 2011
The Local Church (Shall I Participate?)Mike Pannell307July 2011
Apologia: Reconciling the different accounts of Jesus' resurrectionHarry Cobb307July 2011
The Earliest Known Church of Our Lord in EnglandAlbert E. Winstanley307July 2011
NegligenceMike Daniel308August 2011
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Basket Riders and Rope HoldersTim Eldridge309September 2011
Apologia: Why is polygamy wrong?Harry Cobb309September 2011
The HorseTony Whiddon310October 2011
Apologia: Is it a sin for a Christian to take medication?Harry Cobb310October 2011
I Am a LaodiceanBen McManus311November 2011
Apologia: What is gluttony as defined in the Bible?Allan Daniel311November 2011
A World for the YoungMike Kirby312December 2011
Apologia: How could Jesus have been tempted in the same ways we are today?Mark Carpenter312December 2011
The BridgeWill Allen Dromgoole312December 2011
Ye Are The Temple Of GodTim Eldridge313January 2012
Apologia: When did the Old Testament end and the New Testament begin?Harry Cobb313January 2012
Confessions of a New Testament PhariseeAllan Daniel314February 2012
Apologia: Does God require Christians to observe the Sabbath day?Harry Cobb314February 2012
Rose Colored GlassesMark Carpenter315March 2012
Apologia: At what age is one accountable for ones' sins?Tim Eldridge315March 2012
Psalm 46315March 2012
Psalm 100302February 2011
Are We Too Childish?Ray McManus316April 2012
Apologia: What does the Bible teach about Easter celebrations?Sam Dick316April 2012
How to Find Happiness (Part 1)W. S. Yarbrough317May 2012
Apologia: If all people are from Adam and Eve, why is there such diversity?Harry Cobb317May 2012
How to Find Happiness (Part 2)W. S. Yarbrough318June 2012
Apologia: Explain what Genesis 3:7 means, "The eyes of them both were opened."Harry Cobb318June 2012
StewardshipRay McManus319July 2012
Apologia: Are contribution funds only to be used for those in Christ?Harry Cobb319July 2012
"Hear Thou Plainly, I Am A Christian"Dwight Thomas320August 2012
Apologia: If Jesus is the Son of God, who was the wife of God?Harry Cobb320August 2012
Before We Assemble...Tim Eldridge321September 2012
Apologia: What does "gathered to his people" mean in Genesis 25:8?Harry Cobb321September 2012
A Weak GenerationBen McManus322October 2012
Apologia: What is meant by "praying and prophesying" in 1 Cor. 11?Harry Cobb322October 2012
The Soul of ManJoe Young323November 2012
Apologia: Why were the women who married foreigners not mentioned in Ezra?Harry Cobb323November 2012
Being Disrespectful to GodRay McManus324December 2012
Apologia: Is it God's will that we observe a sabbath day?Harry Cobb324December 2012
Fruit (Reprint)Kenneth Cobb325January 2013
Apologia: Who were the spirits in 1 Peter 3:18-19?Sam Dick325January 2013
Thankful?Tony Whiddon326February 2013
Some Things You Will See at the JudgmentBill Prince, Jr.326February 2013
Judgment, Forgiveness, MercyTim Eldridge327March 2013
Apologia: What is the meaning of "judgment" as it is used in Hebrews 9:27?Harry Cobb327March 2013
Walk Like an EphesianWendell Rogers328April 2013
Apologia: What does being an ambassador (Eph. 6:20) mean?Mark Carpenter328April 2013
Trust in the LordMichael Petruzella329May 2013
Apologia: Where did the Catholics find the 13th chapter of the book of Daniel?Harry Cobb329May 2013
My GraduationDwight Thomas330June 2013
Apologia: What is meant by "Pray the sinner's prayer"?Harry Cobb330June 2013
What Kind of Tree Are You?Ray McManus331July 2013
Apologia: Explain Jesus' use of 'hate' in Luke 14:26. Harry Cobb331July 2013
Take Time to Be HolyTim Eldridge332August 2013
Apologia: Why hasn't God killed Satan yet?Harry Cobb332August 2013
Spiritual GoutAllen Kirk333September 2013
Apologia: Does the Great Commission apply to the modern church?Tim Eldridge333September 2013
Spiritual GoutAllen Kirk333September 2013
Apologia: Does the Great Commission apply to the modern church?Tim Eldridge333September 2013
Spiritual GoutAllen Kirk333September 2013
Apologia: Does the Great Commission apply to the modern church?Tim Eldridge333September 2013
God Is Not Limited (Part One)Mark Carpenter334October 2013
Apologia: Does a Christian need to be concerned with matters of conscience?Harry Cobb334October 2013
God Is Not Limited (Part Two)Mark Carpenter335November 2013
Re: LaodiceaBen McManus336December 2013
Apologia: Are Christians obligated to obey the Ten Commandments?336December 2013
Letter to an AtheistTim Eldridge337January 2014
Apologia: Why do there seem to be contradictions in the Bible?Harry Cobb337January 2014
HumilityAllen Kirk338February 2014
Apologia: Does the method of baptism matter?338February 2014
Do We Really Love Each Other?Tim Eldridge339March 2014
Apologia: What are authorized uses of the contribution?Harry Cobb339March 2014
Admit It and Quit It!Tony Whiddon340April 2014
Psalm 136:3-7340April 2014
Master and ServantTony Whiddon341May 2014
Apologia: Is it appropriate to take the Lord's Supper (Communion) alone?Harry Cobb341May 2014
Personal EvangelismW. S. Yarbrough342June 2014
Apologia: What is meant by the word 'selah' found many times in Psalms?Harry Cobb342June 2014
Murmuring and DisputingTim Eldridge343July 2014
Apologia: What does it mean to 'examine' our self concerning the Lord's Supper?Harry Cobb343July 2014
The Victory Is Won But the Battle Must Still Be FoughtMark Carpenter344August 2014
Apologia: Is there unrighteousness with God? (Romans 9:14)Harry Cobb344August 2014
How to Encourage ChristiansDonald Thompson345September 2014
Apologia: Why do Christians attend church on the first day of the week?Harry Cobb345September 2014
Satan Can Go Only So FarCopied372December 2016
By What Authority?Tim Eldridge372December 2016
PrideEd Anderson346October 2014
Is Salvation Conditional?Tim Eldridge347November 2014
Apologia: Is it scriptural for a woman to lead prayer in a private setting?Harry Cobb347November 2014
Why Believe the BibleJoe Young349January 2015
Apologia: What does "call upon the name of the Lord" mean?James E. Gibbons349January 2015
News Coverage of Acts 10-11Chad Prince350February 2015
Apologia: Was the vision of Cornelius proof of his salvation?James E. Gibbons350February 2015
The Universal ChurchEd Anderson351March 2015
Apologia: Why was Paul qualified to be an apostle?Harry Cobb351March 2015
The Mission Work ContinuesTony Whiddon352April 2015
Apologia: Do prophets still proclaim the divine message of God today?352April 2015
Christians AriseBen McManus353May 2015
Apologia: I believe in the existence of God. How can I get close to Him?Tim Eldridge353May 2015
Biblical IlliteracySteven Moore354June 2015
Apologia: Should Christians fast?Tim Eldridge354June 2015
The Gospel355July 2015
Apologia: What is "faith" and how important is it?Tim Eldridge355July 2015
Psalm 8355July 2015
Why Should We Praise God?Tony Whiddon356August 2015
Apologia: How do we get the Holy Spirit?Tim Eldridge356August 2015
The Rapture?Harry Cobb348December 2014
Apologia: What does God's grace mean to Christians?Ed Anderson348December 2014
Because of the Angels (Reprint)Harry Cobb357September 2015
Apologia: Why do we sing in our church assemblies?Ed Anderson357September 2015
Must I Go, and Empty-handed?357September 2015
A Long LifeAndy Daniel358October 2015
Apologia: How did Jesus appear to the human eye?Tim Eldridge358October 2015
Not to Think Too Highly of SelfEd Anderson359November 2015
PopularityRay McManus359November 2015
Sinning WillfullyTony Whiddon360December 2015
Apologia: What is grace?Andy Daniel360December 2015
"The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth"Harry Cobb361January 2016
Apologia: Questions about baptismRay McManus361January 2016
Love Your Fellow ChristianEd Anderson362February 2016
Apologia: Roman time versus creation timeHarry Cobb362February 2016
Teachings of ChristJoe Young363March 2016
Apologia: Is the Ethiopian woman in Numbers 12 Zipporah?Andy Daniel363March 2016
Fruits of the Spirit: LoveChad Prince364April 2016
Apologia: Are Paul and James at odds with each other concerning works?Tim Eldridge364April 2016
Ordinary PeopleRay McManus365May 2016
HospitalityEd Anderson365May 2016
Fruits of the Spirit: JoyChad Prince366June 2016
Apologia: What are the pricks spoken of in Acts 9:5?Harry Cobb366June 2016
Fruits of the Spirit: PeaceChad Prince367July 2016
Subject to the GovernmentEd Anderson367July 2016
God Is AbleHarry Cobb368August 2016
Afraid to Die?Author Unknown368August 2016
Word Search: 16 Books of the Bible ParagraphCopied368August 2016
Satan Does Not Play Fair!Mark Carpenter369September 2016
BoldnessEd Anderson369September 2016
Word Search Answers: 16 Books of the Bible ParagraphCopied369September 2016
Fruits of the Spirit: LongsufferingChad Prince370October 2016
"Shining as Lights"Gregg Moore370October 2016
"That No Man Should Be Moved By These Afflictions"Harry Cobb371November 2016
Fruits of the Spirit: GentlenessChad Prince371November 2016
True Success Means FaithfulnessCopied371November 2016
By What Authority?Tim Eldridge372December 2016
Satan Can Go Only So FarCopied372December 2016
"I Shall Go to Him"Ray McManus373January 2017
Written for Our LearningEd Anderson373January 2017
DiscouragementEd Anderson374February 2017
Fruits of the Spirit: GoodnessChad Prince374February 2017
Leaving a LegacyTony & Kim Whiddon374February 2017
AdversityBen McManus375March 2017
Psalms 2375March 2017
No Authority Except from GodCopied375March 2017
Fruits of the Spirit: FaithChad Prince376April 2017
Are You Faithful?Copied376April 2017
Society's Divisions Affect BelieversCopied376April 2017
Covetousness and the Last SinBill Prince, Jr.377May 2017
The MysteryEd Anderson377May 2017
Fruits of the Spirit: MeeknessChad Prince378June 2017
Redeem Your TimeEd Anderson378June 2017
Peer PressureScott Carpenter379July 2017
The Joy of Living the Christian LifeHarry Cobb379July 2017
Fruits of the Spirit: TemperanceChad Prince380August 2017
Senior Version of "Jesus Loves Me"Submitted by Mike Kirby380August 2017
Temple of GodEd Anderson380August 2017
No DivisionsEd Anderson381September 2017
"I Have Things to Do"Tim Eldridge381September 2017
God's Purpose for the CongregationRay McManus382October 2017
The Acts of Committing SeditionA. D. Pendergrass382October 2017
"Faith Only" Texts in Context - Part 1Franklin T. Puckett383November 2017
The Lord GodEd Anderson383November 2017
From the Scriptures: God's Power383November 2017
"Faith Only" Texts in Context - Part 2Franklin T. Puckett384December 2017
WashedEd Anderson384December 2017
"Faith Only" Texts in Context - Part 3Franklin T. Puckett385January 2018
Edify Your BrotherEd Anderson385January 2018
It Is WrittenG. A. Trott386February 2018
I Walked a Mile with PleasureRobert Browning Hamilton386February 2018
From the Scriptures: Sorrow386February 2018
Saved By GraceEdward Herren387March 2018
Thoughts on the ResurrectionHarry Cobb387March 2018
The Sin of LyingRay McManus388April 2018
Run the RaceEd Anderson388April 2018
Test All ThingsEd Anderson389May 2018
You May Have the Joy-BellsJ. Edward Ruark389May 2018
Contentment (Reprint)Tony Whiddon389May 2018
Against the CurrentTony Whiddon390June 2018
In a Worthy MannerEd Anderson390June 2018
The Beginning of DaySam Dick390June 2018
Sin and TemptationTim Eldridge391July 2018
Word Search: 30 Books of the Bible ParagraphCopied391July 2018
Be Your Best SelfAnonymous391July 2018
Growing Your FaithEd Anderson392August 2018
Word Search Answers: 30 Books of the Bible ParagraphCopied392August 2018
Being an EncouragementAndy Daniel392August 2018
What Is Love?Ed Anderson393September 2018
How Truth Causes Division (Reprint)Ray McManus393September 2018
Set Your Mind On Things AboveEd Anderson394October 2018
The Faith of Our ChildrenCopied394October 2018
Why Doesn't God Speak Directly Now?Scott Carpenter395November 2018
Joint ParticipationEd Anderson395November 2018
The ArtistSam Dick395November 2018
All Things Are Not HelpfulEd Anderson396December 2018
Philippians 1 (Part 1)Andy Daniel396December 2018
Take Heed Lest You FallEd Anderson397January 2019
Philippians 1 (Part 2)Andy Daniel397January 2019
Life After DeathHarry Cobb397January 2019
The RichEd Anderson398February 2019
Philippians 2 (Part 1)Andy Daniel398February 2019
A Strong Position (Part 1)Ben McManus399March 2019
Philippians 2 (Part 2)Andy Daniel399March 2019
A Strong Position (Part 2)Ben McManus400April 2019
ComfortEd Anderson400April 2019
All PrayersEd Anderson401May 2019
Philippians 3 (Part 1)Andy Daniel401May 2019
Be An ExampleEd Anderson402June 2019
Philippians 3 (Part 2)Andy Daniel402June 2019
SecretsEd Anderson403July 2019
Philippians 4 (Part 1)Andy Daniel403July 2019
Godliness With ContentmentEd Anderson404August 2019
Philippians 4 (Part 2)Andy Daniel404August 2019
O Thou My GodSam Dick404August 2019
DistractionsAndy Daniel405September 2019
ExerciseEd Anderson405September 2019
Without Prejudice or PartialityEd Anderson406October 2019
Notes on Psalm 34Harry Cobb406October 2019
ControlBen McManus407November 2019
Man of GodEd Anderson407November 2019
Control (Part II)Ben McManus408December 2019
Be HolyEd Anderson408December 2019
Blessed Are the Pure in HeartTim Eldridge409January 2020
Grace, Love, and CommunionEd Anderson409January 2020
Blessed Are the Pure in Heart (Part II)Tim Eldridge410February 2020
What Do You Think of YourselfEd Anderson410February 2020
Itching EarsEd Anderson411March 2020
You Are Not Alone! (Reprint)Ray McManus411March 2020
Never AloneAnonymous411March 2020
Hard TimesAndy Daniel412April 2020
How to Spot a Christian (Reprint)Ray McManus412April 2020
Identifying Jesus' CommandmentsBill Prince, Jr.413May 2020
There Is A SeasonAndy Daniel413May 2020
Fear or FaithEd Anderson414June 2020
When Is An Untruth Not A Lie?Harry Cobb414June 2020
I Was WrongAndy Daniel415July 2020
Pray EverywhereEd Anderson415July 2020
Walk in the SpiritEd Anderson416August 2020
"Be Nice"Andy Daniel416August 2020
The FallBen McManus417September 2020
Pass It OnEd Anderson417September 2020
When Glory Becomes CommonplaceHarry Cobb418October 2020
SaulMike Daniel418October 2020
Round Tuits (Part 1)Ben McManus419November 2020
Be Not DeceivedEd Anderson419November 2020
Round Tuits (Part 2)Ben McManus420December 2020
JudasMike Daniel420December 2020
A Time Such As ThisBen McManus421January 2021
JosephMike Daniel421January 2021
The Songs That We SingAndy Daniel422February 2021
All ScriptureEd Anderson422February 2021
Belly Gods and Towers of BabelBen McManus423March 2021
Peace - What the Church Can Mean to You (Part 1)Kent Dickinson424April 2021
SacrificesEd Anderson424April 2021
Peace - What the Church Can Mean to You (Part 2)Kent Dickinson425May 2021
Hear Thou Plainly, I Am A Christian (Reprint)Dwight Thomas425May 2021
An Old HopeBen McManus426June 2021
From the Scriptures: About Deceiving Yourself426June 2021
CommandmentsAndy Daniel427July 2021
From the Scriptures: About Those Who Overcome427July 2021
Sin's BattlefieldBen McManus428August 2021
Sin's Battlefield: Individual MotivationBen McManus429September 2021
Sin's Battlefield: God Our Heavenly FatherBen McManus430October 2021
Sin's Battlefield: PerceptionBen McManus431November 2021
From the Scriptures: About Anxiety431November 2021
The Other 98 PercentAndy Daniel432December 2021
Do Not Love the WorldEd Anderson432December 2021
TomorrowAndy Daniel433January 2022
LibertyEd Anderson433January 2022
The Power of the WordKent Dickinson434February 2022
From the Scriptures: About Spiritual Thirst434February 2022
Psalms and Their Accompanying Records in Scripture434February 2022
A Lifetime of ConfessionBen McManus435March 2022
The Spiritual PerspectiveEd Anderson435March 2022
Identifying Jesus' Commandments (On Being Fruitful)Bill Prince, Jr.436April 2022
Deuteronomy 6:4-9436April 2022
A Convenient SeasonAndy Daniel437May 2022
Spiritual Riches (Reprint)Ray McManus437May 2022
Getting in TroubleAndy Daniel438June 2022
Your AdornmentEd Anderson438June 2022
Yes, And...Ben McManus439July 2022
From the Scriptures: About Children439July 2022
IntegrityAndy Daniel440August 2022
What Must We Do To Be Saved?440August 2022
Murmur Not Among Yourselves (Reprint)Ray McManus440August 2022
Broken Windows of SinBen McManus441September 2022
From the Scriptures: Psalm 22441September 2022
Don't Forget GodAndy Daniel442October 2022
EnduranceEd Anderson442October 2022
Be A Sacrifice, Not A TransactionBen McManus443November 2022
From the Scriptures: About Thankfulness443November 2022
Known by the FruitEd Anderson444December 2022
LightAndy Daniel444December 2022
Low ExpectationsBen McManus445January 2023
Ten Lessons Learned From NoahHarry Cobb445January 2023
Receiving God's Word (Part 1)Kent Dickinson446February 2023
Courage to PreachRay McManus446February 2023
Receiving God's Word (Part 2)Kent Dickinson447March 2023
The Golden RuleEd Anderson447March 2023
From the Scriptures: About Kindness to Others447March 2023
AccountabilityBen McManus448April 2023
From the Scriptures: About Hospitality448April 2023
The Full ArmorAndy Daniel449May 2023
The Virtuous Woman449May 2023
Godly Mothers in the Bible449May 2023
ContentmentRicky Murphy450June 2023
Was I Worth It?Ben McManus451July 2023
See Your Brother in NeedEd Anderson451July 2023
Knowing GodEd Anderson452August 2023
Take No Thought (Reprint)Ray McManus452August 2023
Psalm 117452August 2023
Positive Christian Living (Part 1)Kent Dickinson453September 2023
Parable of the TalentsRay McManus453September 2023
Positive Christian Living (Part 2)Kent Dickinson454October 2023
The Fruit of the Spirit454October 2023
ConcupiscenceBen McManus455November 2023
The Forbidden Fruit455November 2023
Quality Over QuantityAndy Daniel456December 2023
The TongueEd Anderson456December 2023
An Evening PrayerC. Maud Battersby456December 2023
The Called, the Willer, and the Runner (Part 1)Ben McManus457January 2024
Do Not Harden Your HeartEd Anderson457January 2024
The Called, the Willer, and the Runner (Part 2)Ben McManus458February 2024
How Readest Thou?Unknown458February 2024
From the Scriptures: The Bible Is Written With a Purpose458February 2024
Strife or PeaceEd Anderson459March 2024
"How Good and How Pleasant" (Reprint)Harry Cobb459March 2024
Talking to GodAndy Daniel460April 2024
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What Are You Worth?Ben McManus461May 2024
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Beware of Javelins! (Reprint)Ray McManus462June 2024
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SaltAndy Daniel463July 2024
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