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"That No Man Should Be Moved By These Afflictions"Harvester ArticleHarry Cobbafflictions, man, moved, 1 Thessalonians 3, pain, sorrow, affliction, suffering, suffer, patience, trials, temptations, example, endurance, old age, weakness, infirmities, infirmity, chastening, decisions, natural law
ExerciseHarvester ArticleEd Andersonexercise, 1 Timothy 4, physical, health, godly, bodily, godliness, strength, weakness, chasten, chastening, tests, strong, spiritual
SaltHarvester ArticleAndy Danielsalt, Matthew 5, food, seasoning, preserve, Dead Sea, sacrifice, sacrificial, offering, covenant, spread, city, Jesus, Sermon on the Mount, flavor, saltiness, weakness, sin, speech, words, speak, thoughts, seasoned