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Scriptural Use of ContributionChartHarry Cobbcontribution, funds, scriptural
What Does the Bible Say About Marriage?ArticleBill Yarbroughscriptural, marriage, adultery, divorce, remarriage
Anointing with OilArticleHarry CobbJames, anointing, oil, elders, scriptural, healing
The Modern "Pastor"ArticleHarry Cobbpastors, scriptural, clergy, located preachers, preachers, ministers
The "Located Minister" and His Financial SupportArticleHarry Cobbcontribution, located preachers, funds, ministers, preachers, elders, scriptural
Is One Religion as Good as AnotherOutlineJoe Hillreligion, denominations, scriptural, false doctrine, truth
Apologia: Why do Christians attend church on the first day of the week?Harvester ArticleHarry Cobbchurch, gathering, church service, commands, examples, Scriptural, Lord's Supper, communion
Apologia: Is it scriptural for a woman to lead prayer in a private setting?Harvester ArticleHarry Cobbprayer, women, scriptural, private
Apologia: Do prophets still proclaim the divine message of God today?Harvester Articleprophets, scriptural, God's Word, message, prophesying
The Rapture?Harvester ArticleHarry Cobbrapture, antichrist, second coming, tribulation, scriptural, 2 Thessalonians, Daniel, Revelation
Apologia: Questions about baptismHarvester ArticleRay McManusbaptism, scriptural, immersion, sprinkling, water, blood, death, burial, forgiveness