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Title Type Author Tags
Bridle that TongueOutlineJoe HillJames 3, Proverbs 18, lying, cursing, swearing, tattling, backbiting, quarreling, unkindness, gossip, impure speech, flattery, tongue, speech
Five Legged DogOutlineJoe HillActs 5, Proverbs 14, seems right, false doctrine, truth
Test All ThingsHarvester ArticleEd Andersontest, prove, things, try, 1 Thessalonians 5, standard, Bible, word, God, false prophets, fruit, Gnostics, heresy, doctrine, itching ears, truth
Round Tuits (Part 2)Harvester ArticleBen McManusround, tuit, procrastinating, procrastinate, procrastination, priority, priorities, God, Jesus, first, Proverbs 2, redeem, time, daily
Getting in TroubleHarvester ArticleAndy Danieltrouble, chasten, Proverbs, Solomon, correction, love, instruction, commandment, Lord, fear
The Virtuous WomanScripturesscriptures, virutuous, woman, women, Proverbs 31