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The Holy SpiritOutlineHarry CobbHoly Spirit, Comforter, Jesus, God, measure, Apostles, baptism, gifts, gift, indwelling, assurance, help, intercession, purpose, hope, fruit, temptation, strength, miracles, salvation, Jews, Gentiles, Peter, Cornelius, Acts 2, Acts 10
God's Purpose for the CongregationHarvester ArticleRay McManusGod, purpose, congregation, church, Mark 12, Matthew 28, love, neighbor, teach, preach, baptize, baptism, believe, edify, edification, gift, talent
Philippians 1 (Part 2)Harvester ArticleAndy DanielPhilippians 1, Bible, scripture, context, Paul, Timothy, Christ, life, purpose, conflict
The FallHarvester ArticleBen McManusfall, Eve, Adam, man, Genesis 3, Satan, serpent, good, evil, purpose, will, God, creation
The Called, the Willer, and the Runner (Part 1)Harvester ArticleBen McManuscall, called, calling, will, willer, run, runner, Romans 8, Romans 9, answer, predestination, purpose, invitation, foreknowledge
From the Scriptures: The Bible Is Written With a PurposeScripturesscriptures, purpose, Bible, write, written, learn, examples, ensamples